Client value or business case? Finding the magical balance in microinsurance.

What’s the value of microinsurance for low income clients in developing countries and the business case for insurers, distributors, and intermediaries? With support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and in close collaboration with the ILO’s Microinsurance Innovation Facility, the Microinsurance Centre analysed over 2 dozen insurers and interviews with clients of 15 microinsurance programs in 11 countries to answer these questions. Michael McCord, President of the Microinsurance Centre, will lead us to cutting edge insights and practical answers to these intriguing questions. 

Michael McCord combines experience as controller of a US commercial bank, CEO of an MFI in Uganda, Regional Director for microfinance programs in Africa, and since 2000, President of the Microinsurance Centre, to promote knowledge on developing and managing microinsurance products. His specializations include institutional development for microinsurance, new product development, and assessment and analysis of microinsurance programs.

Michael is the author of numerous microinsurance case studies and documents aimed at facilitating partnerships in microinsurance. He is also the author of several other documents and manuals on subjects as varied as pilot testing, rollout, and the feedback loop for microfinance institutions, MFI accounting and analysis, and the function of laws.





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